Private Services List & Fees

Fees Payable By Patients

Medical Examinations


Full Medical Examination and Report
Drivers or Pilots vocational licences (e.g. LGV, PCV, Taxi, Pilots, etc.)
Fitness to drive for insurance purposes (e.g. Elderly or racing driver)
Employment or Pre-Employment medicals (e.g. Army, Police)
Sports Fitness/Fitness to participate in event
Full Medical Examination with report and opinions
Power of Attorney (examination & certificate)
Court of protection (examination & certificate)
Court exemption from attending as a witness on medical grounds
Employers examination
Legal aid report  TBA
Accident &/or Sickness Insurance Medical Examination
Includes Loan, Income and Mortgage Protection

Certificates, Forms & Reports


Copies of insurance medical reports
(Requested by patient)
Coroner’s Report  TBA
ECG copy  TBA
Freedom from infection certificate  TBA
Claim Forms
Gym membership cancellation
Holiday insurance cancellation
Housing benefits report
Life/Health insurance claims forms (BUPA, PPP etc.)
Police witness report
School fees insurance form
Slimming club/health club certificate / questionnaires etc.
Ofsted report
Private sick certificate for employer, college etc.
Completing a DS1500 form
Public Carriage office form  TBA
Solicitors report (p/h)  TBA



Any simple letter to support Non–NHS information
(e.g. fitness to fly. To whom it may concern, housing, social services etc.)
Complex letter requiring extracts from medical records  TBA
Photocopying charges  TBA
Private prescription for travel aboard  TBA
Witnessing Power of Attorney  TBA
Other private extracts from notes  TBA
HIV testing, counselling & taking a blood sample
Additional saliva test/blood samples (upon examination)

Access to Medical Records


 Access to health records charge (whether copies are required or not)  TBA
Viewing records only – no copies required
(If records have been added to in the last 40 days, viewing is free)
 Records held only on computer  TBA
 Records held part on computer and part manually (paper)  TBA
 Records held manually (paper)  TBA
 Copies of health records required  Fee
 Records held only on computer  TBA
 Records held part on computer and part manually (paper)  TBA
 Records held manually (paper)  TBA



Fees Payable by Other Authority/Organisation

Insurance Medical Reports / DVLA


Insurance General Practitioners report
Insurance Company – supplementary reports
DVLA Report (Series II pro-forma)

VOC certificate

Copy of visual fields

VOC resting ECG

Solicitors – Forms & Reports / Copies of Medical Records


Copies of medical records – as per access to medical records
Letter providing information from patient records
(Fee depending on complexity of letter)

Local Authority


Lecture Fees
Adoption medical

Department of Works and Pensions (DWP)


Disability living allowance forms

DSA 1550 forms